The Tide by Clare Helen Welsh & Ashling Lindsay

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‘Sometimes Grandad forgets things.
Like he did the day we set up camp and watched the tide come in.’

The Tide tenderly looks at living with dementia from the point of view of a young granddaughter. It’s brilliantly crafted to help little ones understand the illness without being frightened or worried. Within the narrative the little narrator’s mum answers her questions – with tenderness and understanding.

‘Mummy says Grandad’s memories are like the tide.
Sometimes near and close and full of life.
Other times, far away and distant.’

What I adore about The Tide most of all is that it celebrates Grandad – truly celebrates who he is. Through the pages Clare Helen Welsh depicts three generations of a family having fun, laughing, playing and caring for each other. I love that, truly love it.

Ashling Lindsay’s colour pallet is wonderfully calming – just take a look at that gorgeous cover. I love the energy and emotion she instills into each page – Grandad and our narrator playing joyfully in the sea is full of fun.

The Tide conveys a wonderfully clear description of dementia – put into language that can be understood by all. It celebrates families, and their love and support for one another.


Clare Helen Welsh
Ashling Lindsay
Little Tiger Press

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