The Strangeworlds Travel Agency: The Edge of the Ocean by LD Lapinski


Cover by Natalie Smillie

I’m such a fan of this series – the evocative writing, the brilliantly drawn characters, the wonderful worlds L D Lapinski creates, plus the top-notch pacing – I have been on the EDGE OF MY SEAT waiting for book 2.

The premise of this series had me hooked from the very beginning. In the Strangeworlds Travel Agency you can delve into ANY world ‘simply’ by jumping into a suitcase. Love it! There are many worlds and many suitcases.

Picking up where the previous one left off, Flick (now in trouble with her mum for staying out!) and Jonathan (owner of the Agency), are still looking for Jonathan’s dad who suddenly disappeared. No trace.

In The Edge of the Ocean we meet Jonathan’s cousin – Avery. I adored the dynamic between Flick and Avery, it was just… brilliant. So brilliant.

Meanwhile, they’ve been summoned by The Pirate Queen to The Break. It’s a world inhabited by Merfolk and two fighting pirate groups. But. The world is disappearing, quite literally crumbling. Jonathan, Flick and Avery need to work together to prevent The Break’s eclectic mix of inhabitants from disappearing with the world… but, where can they go?!

I loved the tension that builds up as they race against time, the fast-paced action is wonderfully controlled. The Break is also populated with a host of REALLY intriguing characters.

Lapinski has crafted some truly great scenes involving Jonathan, I’ll won’t give too much detail here, to avoid spoilers. Jonathan really is a most wonderful character, wonderfully portrayed – and with THE BEST dialogue.

The Edge of the Ocean is filled with richly imagined worlds, fabulous action swirling with humour, and the most wonderful cast of characters.


L D Lapinski
Natalie Smillie

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  1. I hope to read this book soon (especially as book 2 is now out!)

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