The Strangeworlds Travel Agency by L D Lapinski

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The Strangeworlds Travel Agency, a chapter book by L D Lapinskik, is a highly imaginative story, with endearing characters.

Flick has just moved to a new town with her family. All are busy, and quite often Flick is left babysitting her younger brother. When she eventually gets time to herself she finds herself in front of a very odd looking shop.

Inside she meets Jonathon, inside she discovers a piece of magic she didn’t know she had and the gateway to… many, many different worlds.

Who wouldn’t want to find themselves in new and exciting worlds, simply by popping into a suitcase?! This isn’t the universe, it’s the multiverse! What a fabulous premise for a book! I loved this idea – the suitcases, the element of surprise, and each world carefully crafted by Lapinski. Pure delight!

Flick’s adventures are tentative at first, until she and Jonathon discovers that something HUGE is happening, something that they alone need to stop. Before it’s too late. And. There’s the little matter of Jonathon’s own dad, who left and never came back.

The Strangeworlds Travel Agency is a fast-paced highly enjoyable adventure with a wonderful, delicious dollop of imagination and humour.

I can’t wait for the next one… there is a next one, right?

PLEASE tell me there’s another one!


L D Lapinski

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