The Story of the Olympics

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story-of-the-olympics - My Book Corner

The Story of the Olympics from Richard Brassey is fun, vibrant and brimming with great information accompanied by great illustrations.

I love the way in which this one is presented. With cartoon like strips Richard Brassey provides wacky and informative bitesized pieces of information which are perfect for those with a thirst for knowledge.

After a quote from Nelson Mandela on the opening page, Brassey delves straight in to the Anceint Games and ends in 2016 with a nod to the future Olympics taking place in Rio De Janeiro.

Along the journey he regales his readers with stories such as the one about the first female American gold medal winner who died without ever knowing her achievement, the reason why athletics competed naked for over a thousand years and the bizarre marathon event in which one competitor stopped to pick apples and another was chased off course by a dog!

The vibrant and at times comical illustrations are presented to make the information easy to follow and understand.

With a good balance between wacky and serious information this is a comprehensive guide which will entertain for years to come.


Richard Brassey
Orion Books

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