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I’m a HUGE fan of Morag Hood. I adore her ability to tell an engrossing story with a wonderfully low word count – she gets straight to the heart of her characters, their story and delves right in.

And then of course are her illustrations – gloriously bold and full of humour. The result is an immersive, funny story – ably demonstrated with her latest picture book, The Steves.

Steve, the lovely puffin, introduces himself to the readers on the very first page. But, turn the page and we have a problem. Another Steve. That surely can’t do?

What ensues is a wonderfully amusing, and perfectly child like argument, about who really is Steve. Giggles aplenty.

Bold hues are used to highlight the antics of each Steve as they compare height, feet and fishing talents.

The ending contains a wonderfully satisfying twist. Another hit for Morag Hood. We ADORE The Steves.




Morag Hood
Morag Hood
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