The Squawks

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The Squawks is a joyful picture book; gorgeous to look at and pure fun to read.

With a delicious collection of tongue twisting words, Ruth Thorp takes us through the antics of the cheeky bunch known as the Squawks.

The Squawks come in many shapes and sizes, they like to party until they have ‘sore feet and dizzy heads.’ Their antics and personalities have certain parallels to little people too, which made us giggle when reading this out loud.

‘squally weather makes them quarrel … and playing squawkboard makes them squabble.’

The typography dances across the pages in a delightful, fun manner. Thorp’s illustrations are modern and bold.

I love the carefully defined colour palette that she sticks to, oh, and … those endpapers are pretty good too!! You can’t beat great endpapers in a picture book.

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Ruth Thorp
Ruth Thorp
Raw Mixture Publishing

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