The Spellbinding Secret of Avery Buckle by Hannah Foley

When part girl, part cat, Avery Buckle gets the feeling she is being followed, her senses are on high alert. Not really sure where she fits in in the human world, the Halloween party at school is the only night of the year she can really be her true cat-self but this year the party would be like no other! The Badoch, gruesome monsters that lurk in the shadows, arrive uninvited and try to capture her. Grasping a magical peach stone she finds herself whisked away to the National Library of Scotland, to a realm that not every visitor to the majestic building is able to see. When a book is destroyed by the scary Mab, Avery and her part boy, part owl friend, Low, are determined to learn its secrets but they’re not sure who to trust anymore. The more they find out about the elusive Acton Baxter, the name inside the book, the more Avery finds out about herself, her secret powers and her humble beginnings.

With her nine lives precariously intact, for now, Avery and Low escape Mab’s domineering ways and journey to the secret tunnels at Canonmills where the river runs deep beneath the city streets. Bean Nighe, a folklore legend, helps guide them to safety, away from the clutches of The Badoch who are relentless in their cause to seize Avery. As they travel into the passageways of hidden Edinburgh and beyond, Avery’s magical powers come to the fore when she starts to see memories of her past life just by touch. With a flying bike named Sparrow and friends Knuckle, Tab, Gillie and all those she meets along the way, can Avery find out who she really is and more importantly, where she finally belongs?

Hannah Foley’s story, together with Xavier Boner’s magical illustrations, take us into Avery’s world and an unforgettable friendship. Finding out who you really are whether you’re a cat or not, is the best adventure of them all.

From dragons to trolls and every magical creature in between, The Spellbinding Secret of Avery Buckle is a fascinating tale that will have you racing through the fast-paced action and laughing along with Avery and Low as they find themselves involved in one fantastical escapade after another.


Hannnah Foley
Xavier Boner

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