The Spacesuit – by Alison Donald and Ariel Landy


When a competition is announced to create the first space suit for the moon landing, Ellie Foraker and her team jump at the chance to make something really special for the astronauts heading into space.

As they work long into the night to create the most comfortable and hard-wearing suits, Ellie soon discovers that her small sewing machine just can’t cope with the 21 layers needed for each one! When Sweet Sue and Big Moe arrive (her team’s new, much larger sewing machines), they finally finish the suits just in time for the judges to make their decision. Will Ellie and her team win the competition? Will man step onto the moon using the suits they have created?

The moon walk anniversary is upon us and this picture book is a fantastic factual resource for all the family to learn more about the lead up to the ground-breaking journey by Buzz Aldrin & Neil Armstrong. With wonderful timelines and text by Alison Donald and informative pages highlighted in a clear and fun way by illustrator Ariel Landy, The Spacesuit is a must-needed addition to any library, school or home.


Alison Donald
Ariel Landy
Maverick Arts Publishing

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