The Smallest Gift of Christmas

The Smallest Gift of ChristmasThe Smallest Gift of Christmas is a delightfully cute picture book from the talented hands of Peter H Reynolds (Sky Colour).

‘Roland was eager for Christmas Day’

but more than a little disappointed when he discovered a perfectly wrapped gift underneath his tree that was, well, tiny.

Roland is not impressed.

He closes his eyes, makes a wish, then to his delight … a bigger gift appears before him. Hmm, it quickly becomes clear to young readers that this is not going to satisfy Roland. He continues to yearn for a bigger, and bigger present each time.

Reynolds employs words such as ‘yelled’ and ‘stomped’ to give clear indications to little listeners that Roland has an important lesson to learn.

… and learn he does, via an adventure in a space rocket and a reminder of what is really important in a heart warming ending.

‘Roland had never thought he’d want something so small so badly.’

I love the energy in this book, it is great fun to read out loud.

Reynolds’ beautifully clear and crisp images add a wonderful dimension, making this a fab gift!


Peter H Reynolds
Peter H Reynolds
Walker Books

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