The Slightly Annoying Elephant

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The Slightly Annoying Elephant

David Walliams has turned his hand to picture books. Yep. It’s a winner.

The Slightly Annoying Elephant, like any good picture book … has a lesson to observe …

Lesson No 1: always, always read the small print!!

Those adverts encouraging you to adopt a cuddly tiger / panda [ insert name of fabulous animal here ] are oh, so tempting …. but remember lesson No 1.

When Sam answers a knock on the door, the last thing he expects to see is a big, blue elephant.

The problem with this particular elephant is, well, you did read the title didn’t you?

He floods the bathroom floor, crushes Sam’s bike, eats all the food and seems rather fond of referring to Sam as ‘Silly boy.’ To be quite frank, this elephant has a bit of an attitude problem – which is pretty amusing to be honest!

David Walliams excels in creating great dialogue which infuses his characters with infectious energy and fun.

Good to read out loud? You bet. This elephant might be slightly annoying, but he is wonderful fun to read!

The illustrations? Well that are from the talented hand of Tony Ross – lively, vibrant and very amusing the perfect accompaniment to Walliam’s narrative.


David Walliams
Tony Ross
Harper Collins

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