The Ship of Shadows by Maria Kuzniar


Set the sails, (wo)man the decks and get ready to sail on a fabulous pirate adventure unlike any other.

Meet Aleja who has an inner passion for adventure. Inner because her temperament means she’s left out of the girls’ games, but not included in the boys’ because… well, she’s not a boy.

I’ll let you discover how she ends up on the Ship of Shadows, but do let me tell you this is a ship like no other. It’s a ship full of magic, secrets, intrigue and most importantly a wonderful range of characters. All women.

Each member of the crew is valued for HER unique skills and abilities, I love that. And Aleja?  It’s her passion for languages and her thirst for adventure that gets her noticed.

I adore how Kuzniar whisks us off on exciting adventures with the Ship of Shadows crew – think Indiana Jones meets Peter Pan. They cross deserts, fight kraken and hunt for clues. Each crew member has their own story, their own reason for being on the Ship of Shadows. They need it, as much as it needs them.

The Ship of Shadows will whisk you off an exhilarating adventure, and the best bit… it’s set up just perfectly for the next installment. I’m on tenterhooks!


Maria Kuzniar

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