The Runaway Hug

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the Runaway Hug - Nick Bland & Freya BlackwoodThe narrative abilities of Nick Bland merging with the artistic genius of Freya Blackwood? We couldn’t wait to get our hands on this one at My Book Corner.

The Runaway Hug tells the delightful story of Lucy who receives the following reply from her mum when she asks for a hug …

” ‘Oh dear,’ said Mummy. ‘I only have one left. It’s my very last hug.’ “

The book follows Lucy as she visits each of her family members in turn, giving and receiving hugs which are all “just as nice” with their own unique characteristics. We loved the peanut butter smelling hugs from Lily and strong hugs from Dad!

Of course it all goes slightly array at one point … when the hug is passed on to Annie the dog. How will she get the last hug back?

the Runaway Hug - Nick Bland & Freya BlackwoodFreya Blackwood’s pencil and charcoal based illustrations are full of the delightful qualities that have become her trademark. I loved the attention to details which really capture the cosy chaos of a busy household. From the crayon drawings on the walls (oops, Lily!), toys strewn across the floor to the carnage Annie creates with the help of huge reams of toilet paper … this house feels very normal!

The Runaway Hug is a nominee in the CBCA Awards 2012, Early Childhood category. Other nominees can be viewed here.

Read our interview with Nick Bland.


Nick Bland
Freya Blackwood

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