The Rabbit and The Shadow

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The Rabbit and The Shadow is a heartwarming picture book from Mélanie Rutton.

Young rabbit appears on a doorstep – with ‘a slight wind, And a shadow perhaps.’ The Stag takes rabbit in, and cares for him deeply but knows that the day will come when rabbit will grow up … and go away.

In a series of 11 little chapters, some as short as a page, beautifully poetic words tell the story of rabbit’s journey as he meets a variety of characters on his journey which is both physical and metaphorical.

Most endearing is ‘The Soldier’ an intriguing little toddler who despite being ‘at war with everything’, holds out his sword to help little rabbit. The Soldier has his own little secret which is revealed at the end – a fabulous angle to explore.

The cat teaches rabbit the value of friendship, ‘We can both be on our own. But together. It’ll be easier that way’ as they overcome their fears whilst helping cat find the ball he has lost.

Additional characters of the Bear and the book all become intertwined as the book reaches its conclusion.

Mélanie Rutton’s picture book about friendship and about growing up, is richly illustrated with gorgeous water colours. They add energy and warmth to this quite unique story. Text rich, with a story line deserving of many wonderful pondering moments The Rabbit and the Shadow will make a wonderful present.

The publishers of The Rabbit and the Shadow, Book Island, are carving out a reputation for producing beautiful, thoughtful picture books – ones to keep an eye on I’m certain!


Mélanie Rutton
Mélanie Rutton
Book Island

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