The Pirate Mums by Jodie Lancet-Grant & Lydia Corry


I enjoyed this picture book SO much! A swashbuckling picture book normalising same sex parents.

The Pirate Mums by Jodie Lancet-Grant & Lydia Corry is a hoot, and totally relatable, as Billy experiences… the dreaded parent embarrassment!

Billy wishes his parents were more normal but, alas, they have PIRATE tendencies! These tendencies include, and are not limited to… singing sea shanties, a pet parrot and even their house screams pirate fan!


Imagine Billy’s horror when they volunteer to come along on the next school trip… on a boat. Billy’s worst nightmare is about to come true, and so he insists that they leave all pirate paraphernalia behind and try their very best to be normal.

I love how the adventure unfolds during the school trip… the boat, the sails, the puking teaching and the swirling storms. I wonder who will save the day??

I adored the details in Lydia Corry’s artwork so much – the chaos on board the ship, the design of the house and of course, the light emitted from that flare. Just perfect.

The Pirate Mums is full of joy, adventure and smiles.



Jodie Lancet-Grant
Lydia Corry
Oxford University Press

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