The Paper Dolls

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The Paper Dolls

The Paper Dolls is a beautiful picture book from the pen of Julia Donaldson.

Did you make paper dolls when you were younger? I seem to remember there was a bit of a knack to ensuring they were still holding hands when you unfolded them. Or was that just me?!

The Paper Dolls begins,

‘there once was a girl who had tiger slippers’

… and a wonderfully ‘nice mother’ who helped her craft those fabulous paper dolls.

Donaldson’s rhyming text leads her readers through the myriad of imaginative adventures this cute girl has with her dolls. Each one individually named, of course!

I love how Donaldson’s text picks up on the details that little ones notice … such as the ‘butterfly hair-slide which she kept losing’
However, it is where this picture book goes that helps it stand above the rest.

A little boy, a pair of scissors (gasp) and then a wonderful scene in a forest …

I really can’t say any more than that as I don’t want to spoil the ooo’s, oh no!’s and aaaah’s as you delve further.

Julia Donaldson sure is a master of rhyme and rhythm, making The Paper Dolls a delight to read out loud. I love that she has collaborated with the ever-so talented illustrator Rebecca Cobb.

Rebecca Cobb’s illustrations help the text take flight in little ones imaginations. Her clever touches provide The Paper Dolls with a fresh, whimsical feel.

The Paper Dolls really is a delight, and lends itself beautifully to a great craft activity once you have finished the book. Perfect.

Its rather special conclusion renders it the perfect picture book for a present, especially from mother to daughter.


Julia Donaldson
Rebecca Cobb

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