The Oojamaflip – Lou Treleaven & Julia Patton – Turquoise Early Reader

The Oojamaflip - Lou Treleaven & Julia PattonThe Oojamaflip by Lou Treleaven, illustrated by Julia Patton – turquoise book band.

Professor McQuark loves to invent! As she wrestles with her self-making bed, she comes up with another fantastic idea – the Oojamaflip. Determined to succeed, she enters her new invention into the Science Fair. The day of the fair arrives and she hauls the Oojamaflip there, hoping it will win a prize.

Sadly, she can’t wow the judges with her fabulous design because it’s TOO BIG! However, with doughnuts and paddling pools and everything in between, the oojamaflip draws the biggest crowd.

Will Professor McQuark win a prize for her Oojamaflip?

Will her inventions ever get small enough to enter the Science Fair?

Lou Treleaven’s fantastically named book takes us on journey with our favourite professor as the reader considers what is needed to invent – a vivid imagination, an eye for science and sheer determination. With Julia Patton’s illustrations brightening up our literary world and detailing Professor’s inventions in a fun and informative way, this book is like a ray of sunshine.

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