The Nowhere Emporium

The Nowhere Emporium

The Nowhere Emporium is the awarding winning novel from Ross Mackenzie, winning both the Blue Peter Best Story Award 2016 and the Scottish Children’s Book Awards 2016

Running into the nearest shop to escape Spud and his gang, Daniel Holmes is thrown into a magical emporium where dreams can come true if a small price is paid in return.

The mysterious shop beckons him inside where he meets Lucien Silver, the owner. Daniel is intrigued by the emporium’s charm and is introduced to an exciting new world he eventually becomes a part of. It’s as if he had never belonged anywhere else.

He begins on a journey he had only ever dreamt about before. A journey of family and friendship which mean so much to a boy who has nothing else to give and has lost everything and everyone he ever loved.

He was warned that once you enter the magical realm of The Nowhere Emporium, you should never take what you see as granted. Your life will never be the same again. The moment you step through the door and into the cave of wonders that greet you, your imagination will run wild. Literally run wild.

What’s the worst that could happen?

The Nowhere Emporium is a magical tale full of time travel, illusions and twists that take you in every direction with every chapter you read. A monumental tale from Ross Mackenzie that will keep you guessing right to the very end.

Remember, should you ever step inside the emporium, be prepared to leave a little bit of yourself behind.

Doctor Who meets Alice in Wonderland!

The Nowhere Emporium reviewed for My Book Corner by Sarah Broadley.


Ross Mackenzie
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