The Nightsilver Promise by Annaliese Avery

The Nightsilver Promise

In her debut fantasy adventure, The Nightsilver Promise, Annaliese Avery brings the clockwork Empire of Albion to life through superb storytelling and exquisite details.

From the very first paragraph, 13-yr-old Paisley Fitzwilliam will buckle you into the passenger seat for a character-driven rollercoaster journey along the invisible tracks of the Celestial Mechanism. You will experience the highs of upper London, with its Floating Boroughs and Dragon Walkers, and the lows of London’s dark sewers and villainous Dark Dragon.

Momentum builds quickly when Paisley receives the long-awaited star tattoos that foretell the Chief Designer’s plan for her life, and discovers she is to die before her fourteenth birthday. But when her mother goes missing, and is presumed dead, Paisley fears more for the fate of her younger brother than she does her own. Dax has a secret that would make him revered by some but persecuted by many more, and Paisley, who protects him more fiercely than a dragon guards its hoard, is determined to fight fate so that she can look after him.

The story’s rich layers unfold on the bumpy path where concepts of destiny and free will, and science and religion, collide in a cinematic battle of good versus evil.

Natalie Smillie’s fiery art captures the novel’s blazing heart, and Annaliese’s immersive prose will have you digging your nails into the shiny cover, if you haven’t already bitten them to the quick in this this edge-of-your-seat ride. Whether it’s written in the stars or of your own free will, you will want to read this epic tale again and again.


Annaliese Avery
Natalie Smillie

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