The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas …’

… and so begins the evocative, atmospheric poem so many are now familiar with – The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore.

Moore originally wrote this for his children, never intending it for publication. A cheeky relative had other ideas and sent it off to a newspaper, anonymously, in 1823. After a number of incorrect versions were seen, he eventually relented in 1838, publicly acknowledging the poem as his own.

The magical poem, filled with nostalgia and warmth, continues to capture that festive excitement today.

This is my favourite edition, it’s real heirloom material. Puttapipat’s fabulous black silhouettes exude charm, whilst the tiny flaps to open and the final pop up page delight small readers every time. I love the elegant font. Wonderful.

Puttapipat’s delicate paper cut illustrations even enable the reader to peek through the house, it really helps to capture that hushed excitement as the festive season draws closer. This is a Christmas book that begs to be opened, again and again, year after year.


Clement C Moore
Niroot Puttapipat
Candlewick Press

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