The New LiBEARian

The New LiBEARianThe New LiBEARian is the debut picture book from writer Alison Donald, who has teamed with illustrator Alex Willmore to create a picture book perfect for book lovers.

Storytime at the library is about to start, but there’s one crucial problem. Mrs Merryweather the librarian has gone missing. Dee, Mackenzie and Jack start following the footprints that aren’t really footprints at all.

This being a library, their search for the missing librarian takes them on a fabulous journey through galaxies and oceans as they pick up more strange clues.

When they stumble across a bear they insist he reads a story, but when Mrs Merryweather returns and begins to read Goldilocks and the Three Bears… oh! Baby bear is missing…

I love Donald’s play on fiction vs reality using a fun and lively tone, with an unexpected twist. Willmore’s illustrations fill the pages with warmth – just perfect for a book set in a library.

Great fun to read out loud, The New LiBEARian is a lovely picture book for bedtime.


Alison Donald
Alex Willmore
Maverick Books

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