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The Naughty Naughty Baddies from Mark Sperring and David TazzymanThe Naughty Naughty Baddies from Mark Sperring and David Tazzyman is a deliciously bad picture book, about a dastardly group of 4.

Gosh these four are so terrible. A motley crew of three children and their cat looking for something wonderfully naughty to do – should they splash in puddles… or stick out their tongues? It all sounds so tempting until ‘Four had a plan’, one that was ‘wickedly wicked,’ and begins with jumping on a trampoline before getting a whole lot worse.

Oh yes, these four have a plan to ‘creep, creep, creep’ into the Palace and steal… the spots from ‘the Queen’s Little Doggy Woof-Woof!’ How terrible!

Tazzyman’s fabulously lively illustrations show the group creeping into the palace… past the guards, past the King having a quiet moment (oops!), with a great level of detail. When they get caught the Queen has a ‘wickedly wicked’ plan to punish them, but it… urm… doesn’t quite go according to plan!

Sperring’s great use of lively language makes this picture book great fun to read out loud, it’s a great plot with fun characters.

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Mark Sperring
David Tazzyman

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