The Magnificent Tree

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Nick Bland has teamed up with Michael Stephen King to produce the memorable picture book – The Magnificent Tree.

The Magnificent Tree is a delightfully simple story with many delicate layers. It captures the wonderful relationship of Bonny and Pop who “were always bursting with ideas.” One day, they decide to build a tree to encourage their beloved birds to stay.

Whilst Bonny’s ideas “were simple, clever”, Pop’s ideas “were big, brave and brilliant”. The Magnificent Tree demonstrates how two very different solutions to the same problem can work equally well.

With a delicately rhythmical, flowing narrative Nick Bland glides us through their inventions, toil and progress. He skilfully shines a spotlight on friendships which span generations and the beauty of imagination – pure and untethered.

Stephen Michael King’s illustrations are wonderfully quirky and full of character. With great use of space and a glorious colour palette King brings the endearing characters of Pop and Bonny to life with his trademark humorous touches.

” ‘Perfect,’ said Bonny. ‘Just perfect.’ “


Nick Bland
Stephen Michael King

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