The Magical Underwater Activity Book By Mia Underwood

We’ve already been lucky enough to review one of Mia Underwood’s activity books, which we just LOVED. So, when I saw she had another one out, I couldn’t wait to dive into it with my daughter!

I’ve come across a few books now by ‘Button Books’ and I am always blown away by the quality of them. ‘The Magical Underwater Activity Book’ certainly doesn’t disappoint! The front cover is beautiful and sure to capture the attention and imagination of children.
Just like the ‘Secret Woodland Activity Book’ by Mia Underwood, ‘The Magical Underwater Activity Book’ is aimed at 4-8 year olds and jam packed full of activities, including paper crafts, spot the difference, story writing and complete with stickers. My daughter is a MASSIVE fan of all things magical, so this activity book was a welcome addition to our house! We loved the combination of real and imaginary sea creatures, where mermaids swim alongside Narwhals!

Not only are there many fabulous activities within the pages, children can also learn fun facts about real sea creatures and their unique habitats. The book also highlights the important message about plastic waste in our oceans. My 6 year-old loved becoming a real OCEAN SUPERHERO and designing her own ocean-cleaning gadget.

If you are looking for an activity book, then I certainly recommend getting your hands on this one! There’s 60 plus pages of wonderful illustrations, fascinating facts and amazing activities!

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