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The Little EskimoThe Little Eskimo is the gorgeous new release (February 2013), from the highly talented Davide Cali. Wilkins Farago’s latest offering does not disappoint as they present a tale of human desire, accompanied by Maurizio Quarello’s rich illustrations.

Little Eskimo is an inquisitive little fellow who is just sooo keen to grow up – for surely when he does he will discover the answers to two burning questions,

1) will he become a great hunter?

2) what is on the other side of the Great Ice Lake?

In a fable like manner, Little Eskimo meets several animals as he sets off on his quest to discover answers to those questions – despite having big ears the rabbit can’t help, and even the walrus who knows the past can’t help him.

Eventually he befriends the whale, who even though he doesn’t know the answer, offers to take him to ‘the one who knows all of us.’

Death is presented as a non-frightening wise, white moose who takes time to talk to Eskimo and praise him for his courage in seeking out his future.

Death’s words of wisdom are the heart of the book,

‘There are at least ten different Little Eskimos. It is your choice to decide who you will become. It is up to you.’

This is a book which is perfect for dreamers, thinkers and those who love to wander through the ‘what ifs’ within their imaginations.

The final page, depicting Little Eskimo huddled around the heat of the fire with glowing cheeks, reflects the warm glow left with readers as they read the final words. Cali’s narrative has a calm, wisdom to it. The depth and length of the narrative make it perfect for the 6+ age group to read, ponder and enjoy.

Quarello’s oil paintings convey the magic of the Nordic landscape and the majestic creatures who live there, with a combination of charm and awe. They are stunning.

The Little Eskimo is a unique picture book.


Davide Cali
Maurizio Quarello
Wilkins Fargo

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