The Incredible Record Smashers by Jenny Pearson


Lucy has a knack for fixing things, from broken phones to ancient electrical items and everything in between. The only thing she can’t fix is her mum.

When her mum ends up in hospital and she moves in with her chilled out Aunty Sheila, Lucy blames herself. She concocts a plan to enter the Record Smashers show and introduce her mum its host, Paul Castellini, her idol. Maybe then her mum won’t feel so sad and she can come home from hospital? Maybe.

The only problem is, Lucy has no idea what record to smash! With help from her friend Sandesh and after some hilarious failed attempts, they soon realise that smashing watermelons on her head and clipping clothes pegs to her face were not going to cut it. Do Not Try This At Home becomes their new motto. When Sandesh buys a phone at the local car boot sale, little does he realise that it belongs to some thugs and their adventure takes off in a most unexpected way.

However, the longer her mum is away, the more helpless Lucy feels and pushes away those that care about her. When her relationship with Sandesh and Aunty Sheila hits at an all-time low, Lucy has to accept that sometimes life doesn’t travel down a set path. In order to be happy she has to acknowledge that she can’t fix everything but to embrace her true self and cherish those around her.

Jenny Pearson’s novel will tug at your heart strings AND have you laughing out loud from one page to the next. A tremendous and endearing story of friendship, families and accepting others for who they really are. With fantastic illustrations from Erica Salcedo and chapter headings that depict the most AMAZING real-life records smashed, The Incredible Record Smashers is a must-read for all!


Jenny Pearson
Erica Salcedo

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