The House of One Hundred Clocks by A. M. Howell

If you enjoyed the mysterious 2019 debut from A.M. Howell ‘The Garden of Lost Secrets’ then you will not be disappointed by her latest offering. Another historical setting and puzzling plot combine to take readers on a thought provoking journey through the streets of 1905 Cambridge to uncover the secrets hidden in Mr Westcott’s house.

One rule– the clocks must never stop! But why? From the moment you open this book up there are questions swarming around in your head.

Why must the clocks keep ticking?

Who is the ghostlike child figure?

Where are the sketches coming from and who is pinning them to the wall?

Where has all the furniture gone?

So many mysteries to be solved and Howell manages to cleverly keep them locked up right until the very last chapters!

Helena, along with her pet parrot Orbit and clock-winder Father move to Cambridge to live with and work for the seemingly eccentric clock collector Mr Westcott. They are forced to sign a contract to ensure they keep all the clocks of the house ticking. If one stops, they face unthinkable circumstances.

Edwardian Cambridge is the beautiful backdrop of the story. Historical details are littered amongst its pages. Inventions (particularly of the flying disposition), social inequalities and changes in education make this a particularly interesting as well as nail biting story!

‘The House of One Hundred Clocks’ is a story that captures the reader from the outset, is hard to put down and the ending is definitely worth waiting for. Here’s hoping that A.M. Howell has more of these stories tucked up her sleeve!


A M Howell

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