The Great Balloon Hullaballoo

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The Great Balloon Hullaballoo

From Roald Dahl Funny Prize winner, Peter Bently, comes a fabulously funny picture book – The Great Balloon Hullaballoo.

I think this one might serve to make trips to the supermarket just that little bit more interesting …

Purchase cheese from the moon, snaffle milkshakes on Pluto and who knew you could get honey and bread from Mars?!

…. and it all started when Simon the Squirrel was sent off with a shopping list from mum.

Peter Bently’s writing is imaginative and quirky. Full of humour and delight as he turns the mundane into a true adventure, the rhyme and rhythm will capture the attention of little ones.

He certainly has a way with words,

“You pair of daft noodles!”

… had us chuckling for quite some time.

Mia Matsuoka’s vibrant illustrations burst forth from each page with a gorgeous array of colours and an enjoyable collection of characters.

I love how the text twists and twirls through the pages as the readers follow Simon on his adventure in Old Uncle Somerset’s Special Balloon.

Fun, quirky and thoroughly enjoyable.


Peter Bently
Mei Matsuoka
Andersen Press

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