The Golden Egg Book

The Golden Egg BookIf you are in love with vintage style illustrations with a whimsical feel then the classic picture book, The Golden Egg Book by Margaret Wise Brown is the one for you.

Meet the most beautifully illustrated chocolate brown bunny who stumbles across a blue speckled egg.

“Who could tell what he would find?”

His imagination starts to work overtime as he tries to work out what could possibly be hiding inside. When the egg starts to move he just knows that there is something there …. he rolls it down the hill, throws stones, jumps on it and then eventually falls asleep exhausted with the effort!

Of course, whilst he is sleeping the egg hatches and from it emerges a fluffy yellow duck who, urm, then proceeds to do exactly the same to the brown ball of fluff laying in front of him!

The illustrations from Leonard Weisgard are a true highlight of this book which feels delightfully nostalgic.

The Golden Egg Book is a featured book in our Best Books for Easter collection.


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Leonard Weisgard
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