The Empty Stocking

The Empty Stocking

A detailed narrative, with a heart warming ending, and delightful illustrations, The Empty Stocking is a wonderful treat in the build up to Christmas.

I love this story.

Richard Curtis has created such an engaging story centred around two sisters – Sam and Charlie.

They may be twins, but they really couldn’t be more different … or so it would seem.

Charlie always gets into trouble. To be honest, Sam is quite worried that her sister’s unruly behaviour will result in an empty stocking this year.

“but, sometimes, Santa has to get tough.

And this year, in Charlie and Sam’s room

was one of the get tough times.”

What can she do to stop that happening?

What unfolds is a delightful, heartwarming story about sisterly love, and about how things aren’t as straightforward as you may think.

The Empty StockingYou won’t guess the twist here – too clever!

I love Rebecca Cobb’s illustrations. They imbue The Empty Stocking with a wonderful charming tone, adding a lovely warmth and glow to the narrative.

As ever Richard Curtis’ writing is witty and engaging. The more detailed storyline renders this perfect for slightly older listeners too. Love it!


Richard Curtis
Rebecca Cobb

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