The Emergency Zoo

The Emergency ZooDuring World War II, children from families who lived in the cities were evacuated to the countryside but what happened to all the pets? When the war comes, who will save the animals?

Miriam Halahmy’s The Emergency Zoo is an adventure story with fantastic leaps and turns, the reader is taken on a journey to find that special someone to look after all the pets. From Boxer dogs to parrots to snakes and rats – there’s room for everyone at The Emergency Zoo but who can they trust?

Best friends, Tilly and Rosy, hatch a plan to keep their animals safe while they are away from home while the war battles on. To ensure their parents don’t find out about their plan to save as many pets as they can, they start a special pet club… with a secret password! Only those who know the code can bring their pets to the sanctuary and the safety it provides.

Most of the children who use the zoo come from the neighbouring school but there is one girl who lives in the ‘big house’. When they first encounter Sophie, she is with her snobby mum who thinks the worst of the ‘ruffians’ who want to become her friend.

Mischievous night-time meet ups and  dawn gatherings at the zoo get the children into all sorts of bother but in the end, friendship saves the day. With Sophie’s help and a little bit of luck, they finally find a trustworthy adult to watch over their animals. Just in time, they find a zoo keeper in the most unlikely place, who will care for all the pets until the children return. Sophie’s aunt the vet!


Miriam Halahmy
Alma Books

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