The Elsewhere Emporium

elsewhereemporiumStepping inside the glossy cover of Ross Mackenzie’s The Elsewhere Emporium, the reader is immediately taken back to the original Emporium, this time through the eyes of the Man with the Crimson Scarf.

Together with fellow members of the Bureau of Magical Investigations they search for their missing colleagues amid stories of their demise by the hands of a dark and threatening force. Daniel and Ellie continue their journey in the The Nowhere Emporium, delighting townsfolk with their magic and the new addition of the Carnival Wonders unaware that dark magic is at play threatening the future of everything they know and love.

The dark shadow follows their every move, entrapping more and more innocents as it strives forward.

It’s persuasive powers take hold of Edna, a young magician at the beginning of her career, she unwilling steals the Emporium leaving Daniel and Ellie stranded with nowhere to call home. Can they rescue Edna and the Emporium from the evil clutches of a long forgotten magical soul, before the Bureau’s remaining agents are swallowed into the shadows too? Will the Emporium return to grace many more towns with it’s wondrous and magical pull?

Beware! Once you read the first page, you too will step inside the Emporium and you won’t come out until the last page has been finished!

Regardless of whether the reader has read Ross MacKenzie’s debut, this fantastic sequel will still ensure you imagine mysterious worlds behind ordinary looking doors. The Elsewhere Emporium enthralls the reader and I was so glad Ross Mackenzie gave us the chance to return to Daniel and Ellie’s world once again.


Ross MacKenzie
Floris Books

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