The Easter Bunny’s Helpers

easterbunnyhelpersThe Easter Bunny’s Helpers has a distinctive old fashioned charm. The pages are a delight to pour over, aided by a cute story that gives a delicate Australian twist to the Easter Bunny story. It’s a lovely book to help celebrate simple Easter traditions.

The most adorable koala receives a letter … from the Easter Bunny. He is on the look out for helpers. Hunts to organise, eggs to decorate and baking to finish, there really is a lot to do. Who will he choose?

Koala, emu, kangaroo and cockatoo all set about to prove that they should be chosen. Emu begins by decorating eggs with ‘ochre, ash and clay’ a great nod to Indigenous culture. Koala decides to ‘do something with my fur’, because surely being cuddly will increase her chances?

Of course the little Easter Bunny is overwhelmed by such marvellous efforts and enthusiasm. He really can’t believe it took him this long to recruit some helpers! A wonderful series of pages depicts them working together, putting the finishing touches to their Easter preparations.

Tamsin Ainslie’s delicate pencil lines, with beautiful washes of colour add a wonderful elegance to the storyline. Together, Mangan and Ainslie have created an Easter picture book which will be a delight to pull out year after year.

Of course, The Easter Bunny’s Helpers simply had to added to our list of the Best Easter Books.


Anne Mangan
Tamsin Ainslie

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