The Doughnut of Doom

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The Doughnut of DoomElys Dolan is back, with her trade mark wit and attention to brilliantly witty details… in The Doughnut of Doom.

At the moment my instagram feed is full of lovely, smug people lying on crystal clear waters atop all manner of water floats, in the delicious sunshine… and there are ALOT of  huge pink doughnuts popping up on that feed. I wonder if they’ve read this picture book?!

Told with a great voice, a trainee reporter by the name of Nancy McNutty, with a wonderful tone reminiscent of those old American detective programmes. Remember those??

The Doughnut of Doom

A trainee trying to make a name for herself in Food Town, little does Nancy know that something BIG is just round the corner.


It’s all gone wrong at Lemon Labs. The latest experiment hasn’t gone to plan. Maybe, just maybe, those extra sprinkles were to blame…

The Doughnut of DoomWho can tackle the Doughnut of Doom? It’s out of control! The police are far too tasty, as are the military planes… this is one very hungry baked good. It’s time for nuts to stand up and be counted!

Chock-a-block full of quirky asides, lots of fabulous characters and so much to read and absorb on each page The Doughnut of Doom is just what we’ve come to expect from Elys Dolan. A real treat!



Elys Dolan
Elys Dolan
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