The Dog who Saved the World – Ross Welford

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dogwhosavedtheworldThe Dog who Saved the World, written by Ross Welford, is a novel about technology, time travel, family, dogs and friendship — and of course… saving the world.

This book is about Georgie, Ramzy and Mr Mash and the adventures that they go on to save the world. It all begins when Georgie and Ramzy befriends an eccentric retired Scientist, Dr Pretorius. Georgie Santos becomes the test subject for an exciting new BIG secret experiment – a very realistic virtual-reality 3D version of the future – and she’s the very first person to experience it. Although, it doesn’t all quite go to plan… what follows is non-stop drama, bad news and chaos.

Georgie is working as a volunteer at the dog shelter, St Woof’s, when a deadly canine-borne Ebola disease threatens the life of every dog in the country. Then Georgie’s beloved dog – a mongrel called Mr Mash – gets sick, so Georgie sets out to try and find the cure for the Dog Plague and save the world before it’s too late… but time is running out!

The Dog Who Saved The World was split into four main parts and it certainly had me on my toes. It took me on an energetic journey of up and downs… and more ups and downs. This was my very first Ross Welford novel and what can I say… I was completely gripped throughout, and read the whole novel in one evening! I just simply couldn’t put it down. It was well-written — very emotive and surprising. I was engaged and fascinated by the whole story and all the drama and chaos that the characters all faced throughout.

Full of energy, The Dog Who Saved The World was both clever and unsettling (but in a good way!). I would happily reread this book — I absolutely loved it! Now to read the rest of Ross Welford’s books…

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Ross Welford

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