The Diddle that Dummed by Kes Gray and Fred Blunt

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This book is hilarious! Everyone I came into contact with last week, whether they be 4 or 74, has been made to sit down and listen to me read it. So funny, it is a book that needs to be shared!

A book that can make even the grouchiest of people smile and the grumpiest laugh out loud! Guaranteed! Kes Gray (of the Oi! series fame, amongst other gems) has teamed up with illustrator Fred Blunt to create a wonderfully comical book.

The boldly illustrated pages depict the story of emotional musician, Flinty Bo Diddle. Flinty is on a quest to create the perfect tune for his fiddle. However, he has a little bit of trouble in the form of a music note (the diddle) that just can’t get the tune quite right, no matter how many times they try! The exasperated musician is such an entertaining character. Blunt’s fabulously expressive illustrations show Flinty’s personality perfectly and there are heaps of animated speech sections requiring loud, raged intonation and expression!


I’m sure we can all relate to the little diddle in the story, the diddle that dummed. Sometimes in life, we may find it hard to conform. Whether we mean to or not, we may all find ourselves dumming when we should be diddling or diddling when we should be dumming! But that’s ok! It’s ok to dare to be different which is the message that this genius book shares.

The last few pages are especially funny but be warned there may be a little bit of toilet humour! And on that note (get it?) I’ll leave you to discover the raucous gem of a story for yourselves!


Kes Gray
Fred Blunt

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