The Colour Thief

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The Colour Thief from Gabriel Alborozo is a delightful picture book about colour and friendship.

It’s a delightful read. Calm and thoughtful, The Colour Thief is a real pleasure to read and share many, many times.

Zot lives in a world with no colour. The grey trees, grey sky & grey flowers ‘made everyone sad.’

Spying a distant planet that ‘sparkled with brilliant colour’, Zot really has only one option … to climb into his little spaceship, armed with a suitcase to find those colours!

Zot goes a little crazy with all the colours he discovers – green, orange, reds and blues. He is dizzy with excitement as, with the aid of a special song he puts the colours into his case. But what does that leave the planet with … a dull grey hue, everywhere.

It takes a little boy and a balloon to make Zot rethink his actions … exactly how is revealed in those final pages, I’ll leave it to you to discover for yourself.

I love the layers in this deceptively simple picture book. Oh my, there are so many possibilities for teaching & learning here … the idea of taking just what you need, respect for the environment, or friendship …. or, it is pure & simply a delightfully told story with wonderful illustrations that we loved pouring over.

The Colour Thief? Just clever.


Gabriel Alborozo
Gabriel Alborozo

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