The Clockwork Crow

clockworkcrowWhen orphaned Seren hears from an old friend of her father, who kindly invites her to his home in Wales, her imagination works over time. She pictures a ‘huge bedroom with curtains round the bed’, plentiful food and glittering chandeliers. But as she waits at the frozen station, a far cry from her homeland of India, she has a strange encounter which will alter her life more than she can imagine.

A panicked individual drops a parcel in the waiting room, insisting that Seren takes it with her.

When Seren arrives at the house, she finds it quite different from the one in her imagination. It is huge and bare, the people unfriendly and there are strange rules. She’s not allowed beyond the iron gate in the garden, and she’s not allowed up the stairs to the top attic. And there’s that bell that keeps ringing… or maybe she’s imagining it?

Seren finds more than she bargains for when she finally unwraps that mystery parcel and becomes embroiled in a family mystery. Fisher’s narrative whisks the reader away on an atmospheric fantasy adventure, set against a wintery backdrop. The plot moves along at an exciting pace as Seren discovers more and more until she is left with only one choice… despite the risks.

A novel filled with atmosphere and charm, Fisher’s The Clockwork Crow will leave you spellbound. A charming middle-grade novel, perfect for snuggling up with during Winter!


Catherine Fisher
Firefly Press

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