The Christmas Extravaganza Hotel by Tracey Corderoy & Tony Neal


We were really lucky and saw Tracey Corderoy at an event sharing ‘The Christmas Extravaganza Hotel’ with the audience. My daughter giggled throughout it and this story certainly put us in the Christmas spirit.

The story begins with Bear settling down to his favourite book, all ready for a nice, simple Christmas, that is until a cheery frog arrives on his doorstep. Poor Frog is looking forward to staying at The Christmas Extravaganza Hotel but unfortunately his map was upside down and he’s in the wrong place. In fact, he couldn’t be further from the right place, as the hotel he wants is on the other side of the world! So Bear invites Frog to join him for Christmas. Cue a series of events where Bear tries to give Frog the extravagant Christmas he’s looking for.

Tony Neal’s illustrations are joyful. I really loved the way Tony Neal captures the excitement on Frog’s face. He’s a really adorable character! My daughter was captivated by the beautiful Christmas tree that dominates a two-page spread (you have to turn the book sideways it’s so tall).

The Christmas Extravaganza Hotel is a really feel good Christmas story about friendship, Christmas traditions and the joy of the unexpected. A must have story for Christmas time!

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Tracey Corderoy
Tony Neal
Little Tiger Press

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