The Bumblebear

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The Bumblebear is Nadia Shireen’s gorgeously vibrant picture book containing plenty of giggles.

Norman the bear loves honey, of course he does. Running out of honey makes him sad, and trying to find more honey … well that often proves quite tricky. Those bees do like to guard it. Hang on. What if bear could be a bee?? Perfect.

Norman puts his plan into action when he joins … Bee School. His disguise leads to questions from Ameila, ‘a rather clever little bee’ … but other than that Norman gets away with it – for a little while, until he discovers the secret honey store … oops!

Can Norman redeem himself? He is a rather lovely bear after all …

Shireen’s illustrations provide plenty to giggle at on each page, with Norman himself quickly becoming quite a favourite – so many endearing expressions. The double page spreads depicting Norman’s day at Bee School are some of my favourite, featuring imaginative school-themed layouts and typography.

Nadia Shireen has penned a delightful, fast paced narrative with a wonderful character – The Bumblebear is a fabulous picture book.


Nadia Shireen
Nadia Shireen
Penguin Random House

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