The Boy Who Met a Whale by Nizrana Farook


Come and sink your imaginations into Nirana Farook’s latest adventure, The Boy Who Met a Whale

Wow! What an opening chapter – a storm, a shipwreck, two escaping villans and a boy with a thirst for adventure.

When Zheng washes up on the island of Serendib (a fictional island in Sri Lanka), Razi and his twin sister Shifa aren’t too sure what to make of him and his tales of fantastic adventures. When his arrival is closely followed by two men, chasing Zheng, who are clearly up to no good… the twins find themselves wrapped up in an adventure that will certainly test them.

Zheng needs to get hold of the historical dagger before the villans do. Zheng knows it must be returned to its original country. Marco and the chef? They plan to sell it to the highest bidder… and then? That part of history will be lost forever.

Zheng, Razi and Shifa are on a race against time to get to the treasure first, to secure it and put it back into safe hands. Their adventure is a thrilling ride of delightfully fast-paced action with friendship at its heart. Farook’s storytelling is fabulous, that whale scene was just sublime!

The Boy Who Met a Whale is a wonderful tale of adventure, friendship and determination. What a wonderful way to kick off 2021!

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Nizrana Farook
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