The Boy Who Lived With Dragons – Andy Shepherd & Sara Ogilvie

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boywholivedwithdragonsYes! It’s the second in the series of this fabulous trilogy. Loved The Boy Who Grew Dragons, couldn’t wait to see where Andy Shepherd had taken Tomas on his dragon journey.

Let’s set the scene – Tomas and his Grandad spend time together in the garden. It’s their time, sorting the plants and chatting as they do so. Tomas unearths a very unusual plant, VERY unusual… well the title of the one gives you the clue, right?

So jump forward to The Boy Who Lived With Dragons, and Tomas and his friends each have their own dragon. Each dragon has their own, urm, quirks and those quirks are beginning to get a little harder to manage – a rather eventful (and very funny) school trip proves that without any shadow of a doubt.

But, Tomas’s main problem is the dragon fruit tree – it’s looking incredibly weak, and is getting worse each day. What’s happening to it? Can Tomas revive it? He knows Grandad’s neighbour – Grim – is incredibly competitive when it comes to growing, has he sabotaged things? And then there is his old enemy Liam who has been acting very strangely, even for Liam.

Shepherd’s pace and energy in this one is fabulous. Written in the first person, Tomas’s voice is incredibly warm, likeable and compelling. Being surrounded by his friends,  his adorable little sister and of course his Grandad, adds depth to the story and Tomas’s environment – and also leads to some great scenes. Sara Ogilvie’s black and white pencil drawings are fabulous!

The Boy Who Lived With Dragons is a warm, humorous tale with a sprinkling of fire!

You can read our interview with Andy Shepherd here, AND The Boy Who Flew With Dragons (Book 3), is available to pre-order here. 



Andy Shepherd
Sara Ogilvie

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