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Book of BeesPiotr Socha and Wojciech Grajkowski’s The Book of Bees is a beautifully large (almost A3), glorious celebration of the bee. Crammed full of delicious facts, stunning detail and Socha’s wonderfully quirky illustrations, this non-fiction picture book is simply absorbing.

The son of a beekeeper Socha is quite the expert. He deftly uses his illustrative skills to bring the word of bees to your home.

With the look and feel of an elegant coffee table book, Grajkowski’s entertaining narrative takes his readers through the life of the bees. We learn how long they have been on earth (since the dinosaurs), how they pollinate plants (and why that’s important), to how they are organised within their hives.

There’s an entertaining double spread looking a humans’ first encounter with bees – known thanks to the discovery of cave paintings in various countries. Did you know the Ancient Egyptians were expert bee keepers?

Book of Bees

The Daily Buzz crops up a couple of times, allowing Grajkowski to sneak in some rather amusing snippets of bee related trivia. Gloriously coloured illustrations celebrate the bees in their natural environments – from trees to cities, whilst also celebrating the many wonderful uses we have for their delicious honey.

The Books of Bees is a wonderfully amusing and delightful non-fiction tome, full of all you could possibly want to know about the wonderful bee.


Wojciech Grajkowsk
Piotr Socha
Thames and Hudson

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