The Best Mum by Penny Harrison & Sharon Davey


Who is the best mum ever?! It is ours of course, and this book reminds us why. With colourful illustrations in full bleed throughout, The Best Mum shows how we can see impressive qualities in all mums around. Some are great dancers, some are great singers, some can bake and some can even skate. But sometimes it can be hard to find a special talent in our own one. Who never wished their mum was better at something, after all?

The fun illustrations from Sharon Davey, show loads of hidden details that children love to find. Every spread has a themed palette that matches each mum’s personality. I love the modern feel of a digital background combined with the traditionally drawn characters — it is almost symbolic when we compare all the super mums with the klutzy but heartfelt main character’s mum. In addition, the book is filled with clever rhyming, making it great fun to read aloud.

My favourite spread is the one with little Katie and her two mums (lucky!) who are masters in sewing and making elaborate outfits for dress-up days. I would have had so much fun with that, but my own mum couldn’t even patch a pair of jeans! She did have other talents, though, like making papier-mâché figurines for my birthday party decorations.

We all have compared our parents to our friends’ at one point. But there is one thing that no one can beat our mum at. No spoilers here, go find out in this truly endearing book.



Penny Harrison
Sharon Davey
New Frontier Publishing

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