The Baby That Roared!

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Many parents will have a giggle at this one … after Mr and Mrs Deer spent so much time wishing for a baby, one arrives – but they end with much more than they bargained for!

The Baby That Roared! from Simon Puttock tells the story of a little ‘baby’ that arrives in a cute bundle on the doorstep of Mr and Mrs Deer. With a little note attached asking for plenty of cuddles and stories for this “dear little baby”, at first glance it appears that their dreams have come true. It’s never that simple, this ‘baby’ just won’t stop “roaring!”

Of course, everyone has an opinion on what to do for the best – striking a familiar chord yet?! From Auntie Agnes to Doctor Fox they all come along with their advice …

“Nappies!” “Babies need milk,”

… before each one strangely disappears. With a wry sense of humour similar to Fearsome Beastie and the late Maurice Sendak the ending will have you all giggling.

Vibrant, lively illustrations from Nadia Shireen add movement and pace to this great little picture book … and I’m placing my bets now on the page that will gain the most giggles!


Simon Puttock
Nadia Shireen
Nosy Crow

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