The Apprentice Witch

The Apprentice Witch - James Nicol

The Apprentice Witch from debut author James Nicol is a wonderful page turner with a fresh voice. Full of magic and mayhem, it follows the intriguing character of Arianwyn Gribble.

This book really is quite something.

In the opening chapters poor Arianwyn fails the all important witch’s assessment … in dramatic style. The evaluation gauge doesn’t just fail her, but smokes and pops before delivering its verdict – ‘ungraded’. Arianwyn is devastated.

Arianwyn cowers in embarrassment as her lovely Grandmother has a quiet word with the authorities, and manages to secure Arianwyn a job as an apprentice witch. An apprentice witch?! Her good intentions only serve to further dampen poor Arianwyn’s confidence in her own abilities.

Meanwhile the Mayor of a little know town called Lull is NOT impressed at having just an apprentice witch assigned to his beloved town. His frequent note taking and sullen glances make Arianwyn feel even more uncomfortable, especially when she fails at her first mission – to rid a house of those pesky snotllings. What’s going wrong? And why does she keep seeing that strange Glyph that leaves her feeling exhausted and scared?

As strange dark Hexes begin appearing in the town alongside rumours of something strange in the neighbouring Great Wood, Arianwyn has more to worry about than pesky snotllings  – something much darker is afoot. Something only a proper witch can cope with …

The Apprentice Witch is populated by endearing characters and wonderful touches that provide a fresh voice to the magic genre, and that really is part of its charm. Nicol has carefully crafted an enchanting and imaginative new world, which is very addictive.

… and the most wonderful news? There are two more books in the series yet to come. I can’t wait!

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