The Accidental Prime Minister

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The Accidental Prime Minister

‘I should be in double maths, but instead I’m about to take charge of the country.’

The Accidental Prime Minister, written and illustrated by Tom McLaughlin, is a brilliantly humorous novel. A brilliant chapter book for fans of Wimpy Kid & Liz Pichon’s Tom Gates.

12 year old Joe Perkins lives with his mum, her unusual cooking (sweet-and-sour spaghetti anyone?!) and her dedication to her job … looking after the beloved park where Joe and his mate Ajay spent so much time. That was until the park is unceremoniously closed, ready for a huge block of luxurious flats to be plonked in its place.

By wonderful chance, that very morning a certain person visits Joe’s school …

‘Percival T Duckholm. He was the Prime Minister of Great Britain and it’s fair to say one of the most disliked men in the land.’

Still filled with rage about the park’s closure Joe unwittingly delivers a brilliantly humorous speech in front of the world’s press. Full of brilliant lines such as ‘Isnt it time we banned shows like Britain’s got The X-Factor Voice on Ice?”, Joe is a great character!

When Joe’s speech goes viral (‘Viral?! Am I ill?!’), Percival resigns in a huge huff, and hands over the country to Joe. Joe soon makes himself at home installing a jelly room, fast-food bar and laser quest at No. 10 Downing Street.

Whilst he manages to avert Word War 3, the person he really needs to look out for is Violetta Crump. Crump is the Deputy Prime Minister who has her eyes well and truly on the top job … Joe will need to keep his wits about him to combat her tricks.

With a fast paced, witty narrative The Accidental Prime Minister is a fun and highly engrossing chapter book.

‘I should be in double maths, but instead I’m about to take charge of the country.’


Tom McLaughlin
Tom McLaughlin
Oxford University Press

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