That’s Not A Daffodil!

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That's Not A Daffodil!Elizabeth Honey’s latest picture book, That’s Not A Daffodil!, immerses its readers in the pleasures taken from the little things in life, and looks at the world from a little ones perspective.

Mr Yilmaz is clearly a talented gardener, and a lovely neighbour. He pops round to Tom on a regular basis with armfuls of carrots, lemons, pumpkins … fab!

When he presents Tom with what looks like an onion and tells him it’s actually a daffodil … well Tom isn’t so easily fooled.

They take it from its crumpled bag as Mr Yilmaz shows Tom what to do. Tom watches and waits, and watches and waits.

The ‘onion’ in the terracotta pot survives a few near misses, one such occasion leading to one of the best lines in the book after the pot is knocked over …

” ‘Call the plant ambulance!’ said Leyla.”

At each stage of its growth Tom has fun sticking to his view. Tom’s imaginative descriptions lead to some giggling moments which build on the sense of anticipation,

” ‘That’s not a daffodil,’ said Tom.

‘Tha’s a green beak.’ “

Honey’s illustrations are filled with warmth and fun. Her colour palate ensures focus remains on the flower pot, as Tom sees it, thus contributing to the sense of anticipation and wonder.

That’s Not A Daffodil! is a picture book about nature, about simplicity. It touches on the beauty of patience and endearing friendships. It lends itself beautifully to Springtime projects.


Elizabeth Honey
Elizabeth Honey
Allen & Unwin

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