Ten Fat Sausages

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Ten Fat Sausages

A wonderfully familiar story has been given personality, oodles of humour and a brilliant, brilliant twist… thanks to  Michelle Robinson and Tor Freeman. Delve into their new picture book, Ten Fat Sausages…

“Ten fat sausages, sizzling in a pan.

One went POP and the other went…”

Well! Sausage Number Two isn’t going to stand for such shenanigans, he’s not that daft… or is he? Sausage Number Two makes his epic escape out of the frying pan and into the… well, let’s just say there are numerous hazards to be found in kitchens.

Sausage Number Four doesn’t fancy sitting around in “hot, oily stuff” – but this little sausage finds a comfy bowl… until that switch is turned on! Ooops!

Robinson creates wonderful, giggle inducing fates for each of these sausages as they haughtily refuse to stay in the pan, with her familiar wry sense of humour.

Torr Freeman’s lively illustrations provides each of these sausages with their own personalities… you’ll never look at sausages in the same way again! Poor Sausage Number Eight!

What will happen to the final two sausages??!

…that wordless, final double page spread is genius!

This is Ten Fat Sausages as you’ve never seen them before!


Michelle Robinson
Tor Freeman
Andersen Press

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