Teachers on Pluto by Lou Treleaven

teachersonplutoWith Flumbenslurp Blurble, vomblefruit trees and Snarglers galore, Jon can’t wait to live on Pluto! While his parents remain on Earth and his thrill-seeking Gran runs round the rings of Saturn, Jon settles into his new life with ease.

With the President of Pluto on honeymoon (he’s just married his Gran) Jon finds out Mrs Hall, his old teacher has travelled the billions of miles to take on the role and is changing ALL THE RULES!

Mrs Hall has big plans for Pluto but when a monstrous Sparkly Deathray threatens the community, will Miss Hall save the day or will Jon and his friends be swallowed up in the Blue Prairies never to be seen again?

Told in letter format between all the characters, Lou Treleaven’s unique text and illustrations make this wonderful tale of friendship amid the solar system, one postcard and letter at a time. Great fun!

Part of the Penpals on Pluto series.

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