Taking Time by Jo Loring-Fisher


We could all use a little mindfulness right now, couldn’t we? Look no further than the beautiful Taking Time by Jo Loring-Fisher, published by Lantana.

This gorgeous poem takes us all around the world, from Tanzania to Alaska, to see diverse characters really focusing on the moment, whether that’s…

Taking time to listen to a bird’s song on the breeze.
Taking time to gather up the blossom dancing free.

… or feeling the beat of a cat’s purr, marvelling at snowflakes or watching a spider weave her web, to name a few examples.

The stunning illustrations beautifully convey the wonderful encounters – with nature, pets and each other – that we can enjoy if we take a bit of time to stop, look, listen and feel. My favourite spread is probably the one featuring a child snuggling the dog as snowflakes drift around them, but it’s very hard to pick a favourite!

For fellow endpaper enthusiasts, there’s a lovely map in the front showing where exactly we’ll be travelling on our trip through the book, and a little activity at the end to encourage readers to go back and find the keepsakes which feature throughout (such as a shell and a set of nesting dolls). There are also free related teaching resources on the publisher’s website.

Taking Time is an immensely soothing book – much needed at the moment.



Jo Loring-Fisher
Jo Loring-Fisher
Lantana Publishing

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